Your Ticket to Bar Admission

(a) Report and Recommendations as to Applicants. As soon as practicable after each examination, the Board shall file with the Court a report containing

(1) the names of the applicants who successfully completed the bar examination and

(2) the Board's recommendation for admission. The Board's recommendation with respect to each applicant shall be conditioned on the outcome of any character proceedings relating to that applicant and satisfaction of the requirement of Rule 19-210.

(b) Order of Ratification. On receipt of the Board's report, the Court shall enter an order fixing a date at least 30 days after the filing of the report for ratification of the Board's recommendations. The order shall include the names of all applicants who are recommended for admission, including those who are conditionally recommended. The order shall state generally that all recommendations are conditioned on character approval and satisfaction of the requirement of Rule 19-210, but shall not identify those applicants as to whom proceedings are still pending. The order shall be posted on the Judiciary website no later than 5 days after the date of the order and remain on the website until ratification.

(c) Exceptions. Before ratification of the Board's report, any person may file with the Court exceptions relating to any relevant matter. For good cause shown, the Court may permit the filing of exceptions after ratification of the Board's report and before the applicant's admission to the Bar. The Court shall give notice of the filing of exceptions to

(1) the applicant,

(2) the Board, and

(3) the Character Committee that passed on the applicant's application. A hearing on the exceptions shall be held to allow the person filing exceptions, the applicant, the Board, and, if an exception involves an issue of character, the Character Committee to present evidence in support of or in opposition to the exceptions and be heard. The Court may hold the hearing or may refer the exceptions to the Board, the Character Committee, or an examiner for hearing. The Board, Character Committee, or examiner hearing the exceptions shall file with the Court, as soon as practicable after the hearing, a report of the proceedings. The Court may decide the exceptions without further hearing.

(d) Ratification of Board's Report. On expiration of the time fixed in the order entered pursuant to section (b) of this Rule, the Board's report and recommendations shall be ratified subject to the conditions stated in the recommendations and to any exceptions noted under section (c) of this Rule.