Your Ticket to Bar Admission

(a) Order of Admission. When the Court has determined that an applicant is qualified to practice law and is of good moral character, it shall enter an order directing that the applicant be admitted to the Bar on taking the oath required by law.

(b) Time Limitation for Taking Oath--Generally. An applicant who has passed the Maryland General Bar examination may not take the oath of admission to the Bar later than 24 months after the date that the Court of Appeals ratified the Board's report for that examination.

(c) Extension. For good cause, the Board may extend the time for taking the oath, but the applicant's failure to take action to satisfy admission requirements does not constitute good cause.

(d) Consequence of Failure to Take Oath Timely. An applicant who fails to take the oath within the required time period and wishes to be admitted shall reapply for admission and retake the bar examination, unless excused by the Court.

Cross reference: See Code, Business Occupations and Professions Article, § 10-212, for form of oath.