Your Ticket to Bar Admission

(a) Policy. In accordance with the ADA, the Board shall provide test accommodations to an individual taking the Maryland General Bar examination or the attorney examination, to the extent that such accommodations are reasonable, consistent with the nature and purpose of the examination and necessitated by the applicant's disability.

(b) Requesting Test Accommodations. An individual shall apply for admission to the Bar of Maryland prior to or contemporaneously with requesting test accommodations. In order to request test accommodations, an individual shall file a completed Applicant's Accommodations Request Form along with the specified supporting documentation. The Applicant's Accommodations Request Form shall be filed not later than the deadline for filing a Notice of Intent to Take a Scheduled General Bar Examination or a petition to retake the attorney examination pursuant to Rules 19-204, 19-208, or 19-213.

(c) Review by Board.

(1) Initial Review for Sufficiency. The Board's staff shall conduct an initial review of a request for test accommodations. The Board's staff shall reject a request if the request fails to adequately specify the test accommodations required or if the supporting documentation is substantially incomplete or is otherwise deficient. If the request is rejected, the Board's staff shall advise the applicant in writing of the deficiencies in the request and supporting documents.

(2) Board Determination. If there is uncertainty about whether the requested test accommodation is warranted pursuant to the ADA, the applicant's request and all supporting documentation may be referred to a qualified expert retained by the Board to review and analyze whether the applicant has documented a disability and requested a reasonable accommodation. Thereafter, a designated member of the Board shall determine whether test accommodations should be granted after examining the applicant's request and the report of the Board's expert. The Board's staff shall advise the applicant in writing whether the request for test accommodations is granted or denied in whole or in part.

(d) Appeal to the Accommodations Review Committee. If the Board denies a request for test accommodations in whole or in part, the applicant may file an appeal with the Accommodations Review Committee pursuant to Rule 19-205.