Your Ticket to Bar Admission

About the Author

Robert C. Murphy

Robert C. Murphy

Former Chief Judge, Court of Appeals of Maryland


Issue: Did a candidate who disclosed five criminal offenses on his bar application, but who did not commit a criminal offense for five years before applying, present sufficient evidence of rehabilitation to merit admission to the bar?

Admitted?: No. The Court did not believe that a period of five years was sufficient to admit this 28 year old applicant and invited him to "reapply at a later time."  NOTE: The applicant represented himself before the Court of Appeals and, judging from the result in the case, may not have made the best of impressions.  He was ultimately admitted four years later ... after getting counsel to represent him.

Area of Concern: Criminal misconduct, pattern of activity, period of rehabilitation.

Citation: 283 Md. 632, 392 A.2d 83 (1978)