Your Ticket to Bar Admission

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Marvin H. Smith

Marvin H. Smith

Former Judge, Court of Appeals of Maryland


Issue: Does employment as a hearing examiner for the Maryland Department of Employment and Training constitute the "practice of law" so as to permit an individual to become a member of the Maryland Bar without taking the usual bar examination?

Admitted?: No.

Area of Concern: After examination the nature of the applicant's duties as a hearing examiner, the Court was not persuaded that his activities in a very limited field of law met the requirements of the statute and rule. Like the Board of Law Examiner, the Court believed that the applicant merely worked with legally-related matters and that his activities did not fall within the "fair intendment" of the term "practitioner of law" as used in the statute and the rule.

Citation: 303 Md. 1, 491 A.2d 576 (1985)