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The Court (Per Curiam)

The Court (Per Curiam)

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Issue: Did a former law professor's work with an Annapolis law firm qualify as the "practice of law" because it demonstrates a degree of professional proficiency sufficient to make a full bar examination redundant?

Admitted?: Yes.

Area of Concern: Interestingly, the Board refused to find the applicant's years of work with the Annapolis law firm as the "practice of law" because, if that were true, the applicant would have been engaging in the unauthorized practice of law without the required license.  However, the Court found that the "practice of law" for purposes of taking the shorter "attorney's examination" could be distinguished from the unauthorized practice of law and, combined with his service as a law professor, qualified him for the less strenuous examination.

Citation: 312 Md. 626, 541 A.2d 977 (1988)