Your Ticket to Bar Admission

About the Author

Robert C. Murphy

Robert C. Murphy

Former Chief Judge, Court of Appeals of Maryland


Issue: Did a lawyer who disclosed on his bar application a significant history of criminal charges, but failed to disclose a civil suit arising out of the suspicious death of his wife, warrant disbarment?

Holding: While not every purposefully dishonest misrepresentation on a bar application may warrant the extreme sanction of disbarment, this lawyer merited disbarment because he deliberately failed to disclose vitally significant material information that he knew raised very serious questions about his fitness to practice law.

Area of Concern: Violation of former Code of Professional Responsibility DR 1-101(A), subjecting a lawyer to discipline if he has made a materially false statement in, or if he has deliberately failed to disclose a material fact requested in connection with, his application for admission to the bar.

Citation: 307 Md. 481, 515 A.2d 454 (1986)