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Bar Admissions Blog

Helping Bar Applicants Prove Character and Fitness for Admission to the Bar
How can bar applicants establish the moral character needed for bar admission?

Character Interviews

Q. I'm really nervous. I'm scheduled for an interview before a member of the character committee. Is this common? Should I have a lawyer with me? How should I handle this?

Unrecorded Offenses

Q. On spring break of my freshman year in college, I got caught for underage drinking and was detained by campus police for several hours. Nothing really became of it and I can't find a record of this anywhere. Must I put it on my application?

The Character Clock

Q. How far back do bar examiners go to investigate an applicant's character and fitness for admission to the practice of law?

Arguing Redemption

Q. Is it really possible to overcome a checkered past when judges sit back on their bench, act "holier than thou," and look down on anyone with a questionable background?

Disclosing Expunged Charges

Q. After I finished my community service, the judge struck my shoplifting conviction, terminated my probation and expunged my record. Must I disclose it on my bar application?