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(a) Filing. Beginning on July 1, 2019, an applicant may file a Notice of Intent to Transfer a Qualifying UBE Score if the applicant:

(1) meets the pre-legal education requirements of Rule 19-201 (a)(1) to become admitted to the Maryland Bar,

(2) unless the requirements of Rule 19-201 (a)(2) have been waived pursuant to Rule 19-201 (b), meets the legal education requirements of Rule 19-201 (a)(2),

(3) contemporaneously files or has previously filed a completed character questionnaire pursuant to Rule 19-205 that has not been withdrawn pursuant to Rule 19-202 (b) or denied pursuant to Rule 19-204, and 

(4) has achieved a qualifying UBE score in another UBE State.

The Notice of Intent shall be under oath, filed on the form prescribed by the Board, and accompanied by the prescribed fee. 

(b) Verification of Legal Education. Prior to or contemporaneously with filing the Notice of Intent to Transfer a Qualifying UBE Score, the applicant shall cause to be sent to the Board an official transcript that reflects the date of the award to the applicant of a qualifying law degree under Rule 19-201 (a), unless the official transcript already is on file with the Board or the applicant has received a waiver under Rule 19-201 (b). 

Cross reference to Board Rules for qualifying UBE score.