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(a) Authority. Pursuant to Rule 19-213, the Board hereby determines that a qualifying MPRE score is a scaled score of [to be determined] earned on an administration of the MPRE that occurred:

(1) for applicants taking the UBE in Maryland--not earlier than 37 months prior to the administration of the UBE the applicant passes;

(2) for applicants transferring a qualifying UBE to Maryland--not earlier than 37 months prior to the date the applicant files the Notice of Intent to Transfer a Qualifying UBE Score, pursuant to Rule 19-207; and

(3) for applicants petitioning for admission without examination pursuant to Maryland Rules 19-215 and 19-216--at any time, so long as the score report satisfies the requirements of subsection (b) below of this Rule.

Nothing in this rule shall prevent an applicant or petitioner from earning a qualifying MPRE score after applying or petitioning for admission in Maryland; however, failure to earn a qualifying MPRE score prior to the expiration of the 24-month deadline set forth in Rule 19-214 (b) shall not constitute good cause for an extension of that deadline pursuant to Rule 19-214 (c).

(b) How Score to be Reported. Each individual who applies for admission pursuant to Rule 19-202 or who petitions for admission pursuant to Rule 19-216 shall cause the Board to receive from the NCBE a valid score report demonstrating that the applicant or petitioner achieved a qualifying MPRE score.